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Royal Souls

Royal Souls by Ailan R Mcangrews Author
The year: 963 AD. Prince O’Manus and Princess Sadreen are murdered at their wedding by the evil self-ordained Queen Sorcha. The souls of the royal couple, wrapped in magical protection, are cast from their bodies. The Prince’s search to reunite with his bride begins, and Queen Sorcha goes on a thousand-year killing spree trying to destroy either soul and enslave the magical world.

Beth, unaware of the prophecy, has been alone for fifteen years, training to become the most powerful witch alive in the 21st century, and now her life is about to explode into a battle of survival and trial by fire. Then she meets Karse, the son of a Scottish clan chief, and her Lysa bloodline curse ignites. Beth fights to control her desires for Karse as an unknown world unfolds and threatens to devour her very soul as she goes from a carefree witch to the key of victory.

The soul of Prince O’Manus, hidden in unsuspecting Rhynan Doon, must get from the West Coast of British Columbia to Rainsford Island in the Boston Harbor, where Princess Sadreen’s soul awaits before Queen Sorcha slaughters the magical world to prevent the reunion.

Nine days. Win or lose.

The clock starts on August 29 at 3 a.m.

The ‘Day of Dust’, 9-6 3 a.m.

Publication Date

September 8, 2022





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